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Phone: +380 95 78 56 327


Service desk support packages are split according to the complexity levels of requests, speed of requests processing and types of communication channels to contact the operator. Access to use the Helpdesk and Free Support service desk support packages is available to all Codejig ERP users.
Administrators of organization accounts can purchase the Prepaid and Pay Per Case support packages and authorize other users to use them.
Support is available for all packages on business days (Mon-Fri) between 8:00 and 17:00.


Free for “Standard” package.

Helpdesk ensures the basic support level that includes the analyzing of the existing problem, providing recommendations and defining the best way of troubleshooting. For example, solving the problem with the change of user passwords, providing instructions on fixing mistakes while using the software.*

Response time: up to 1 business day.
Communications: Helpdesk.

Free support

Package ensures the analyzing and solving of basic user requests. For example, change of user passwords, software menu navigation advice, instructing on correcting mistakes while using the software.For a guaranteed examination of urgent requests we recommend to use one of the above service packages.

Response time: no commitment.
Communications: Helpdesk, e-mail.

Pay per case

150 Euro per hour.

Package is available for users that do not use the “Prepaid support plan” package. It includes the top-priority processing of complicated requests involving specialists of higher technical level. For example, analyzing and fixing problems with the software setting, correcting system faults, setting the access to software modules for various user roles, consulting on data integration between Codejig ERP and other software etc.

Response time: up to 1 hour.
Communications: Helpdesk, call, Skype, e-mail.

Prepaid package

300 Euro per month

Package includes 5 hours of support per month to provide a top-priority prompt analytical and technical processing of requests of all complexity levels. It is recommended secure option for complex support.

Response time: up to 1 hour.
Communications: Helpdesk, call, Skype, e-mail.

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