Rapid application development
for everyone:

build better apps
faster than ever

build better apps
faster than ever


CodeJig Builder is a new low code web development platform that combines incredible power and simplicity. Its ease of use and syntax free visual language will be especially appealing to business users and citizen developers. Its enterprise grade features, high development speed, expressive capacity and ability to mix visual code with Java or JavaScript enable professional developer teams to create better applications with higher quality.

As a game

App development is simple and fun with smooth learning curve. Professional developers should be able to cope with it immediately. Citizen developers with no prior development experience may need to take a look at 3-minute introduction video or take a crash course in programming (the one at code.org for early readers will do).

Rich user interface

Simple drag and drop allows building feature-rich and sophisticated UI. Standard look and feel should work for most of the users, but all UI elements provide for CSS customization and support client side scripting. Created UI is fully responsive - it looks great both on desktop and mobile devices without extra efforts spent on customization.

Multi-device ready

The Codejig team is actively working on supporting cross-platform applications. Do not worry about compatibility with your operational system or how your apps will look on different devices and all kinds of displays, just make it good - we have already taken care about everything else. Your app can be accessed at any time, from anywhere using any smart phone, tablet or PC. Use your app on the go.

Simplicity of customization and maintenance

Stay ahead of your competition – apps are just as easy to change as they are to build, so you can continuously innovate and seize competitive advantage. You can easily add, change or delete anything and view your changes in a few seconds. You will always keep up with the schedule. Business logic remains clear and does not get cluttered with technical infrastructure code.

For enterprise

Web applications created with Codejig builder are inherently transactional. They can be deployed on premises or in cloud. Deployment on premises is straightforward and hassle free. Data is stored in a relational database. Multilingual support for data and user interface are built in. Fine grained security and declarative object level access control allow for the most sophisticated role and access management. Full object modification history is supported. And, last but not least, applications are fast and capable of handling large number of transactions.

Even more

With CodeJig Builder you can create best in class stand-alone web applications. By upgrading to Codejig ERP you will get a solid framework to create best in class IT solution for your enterprise – standard business objects and processes are already implemented, you can also share your code and extend it with branch specific solutions. Read more